Thick Tile & Vinyl Cleaner

Removes Scum Lines and Scale

Thick Tile & Vinyl Cleaner breaks down and removes scale, film, oil and scum lines. Thick Tile & Vinyl Cleaner is nonabrasive- it reaches down into pores to remove soils. This product can also be used on acrylic surfaces. It helps to remove stubborn scale and dull films at the waterline of the pool or spa.

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Product Education

  • Brush-hugging formula for stains that need a little extra attention
  • Easily loosens and removes scum lines
  • Polishes grout to get rid of film
  • Ideal cleaner for acrylic hot tub surfaces



Apply with a brush, soft cloth or sponge. Allow cleaner to work for one to two minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. Use weekly or as needed.

Caution:​ Do not apply to chrome or brass plating, stainless steel or porcelain on steel. This is important in order to avoid damage to basins, tubs or fixtures by usage, splashing or dripping. If such an accident should occur, flush immediately with water, or staining may occur.


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