Makes Summer Maintenance Easy

SummerPill's all-in-one formula is specially formulated to make summer maintenance easier and more efficient than ever! Summer Pill's patented pre-measured release delivery system effectively improves the quality and appearance of your water. SummerPill will reduce oil and lotion scum lines, clarify water, improve filter efficiency and can be used with all types of sanitizers.

  • Multi-action formula is blended to make summer maintenance easier and more efficient than ever
  • Powerful blend will keep water clear and help reduce scum lines from suntan lotions
  • Optimizes filter efficiency


One SummerPill treats up to 30,000 gallons


  1. Detach blue piercing tool from white pushpin.
  2. Insert blue piercing tool into large center hole. Press firmly against hard surface until plastic is punched through.
  3. Turn pill over and pierce two holes on both sides of logo using white pushpin.
  4. With pump running, discard blue tool and place pill face up in skimmer for 4-6 hours.

DO NOT place chlorine tablets into skimmer at this time. Run the pump for a least 8 hours daily.


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