System Flush for Spas

SeaKlear Spa System Flush super-cleans plumbing systems of hot tubs and whirlpool surfaces.

  • *Can be used on all spa and whirlpool surfaces
  • *Removes oily residues and deposits quickly and easily
  • *Great for jetted tubs


When Changinging Your Hot Tub Water:

  1. Remove filter and adjust water level if necessary. DO NOT DRAIN.

  2. Add SeaKlear Spa System Flush directly into old spa water – 4 tbs per 100 gallons.

  3. Run spa at high speed with all jets and water features for 15 – 30 minutes. Or run overnight on low speed.

  4. Drain water and clean spa shell. Use small amount of System Flush on sponge or terry cloth to wipe residues.

  5. Reinstall clean filter, refill, and balance spa water.

  6. Repeat steps with every water change (about every 90 – 120 days).

For Cleaning Whirlpool Baths:

  1. Fill tub with warm water and add ¼ cup SeaKlear Spa System Flush.

  2. Run jets at high speed for 15 minutes.

  3. Drain tub and wipe shell with a small amount of SeaKlear Spa System Flush on sponge or cloth.

  4. Repeat steps monthly.

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