Rescue Klear

Reduces Scum Lines and Clears Cloudy Water

Rescue Klear blends powerful enzymes and a clarifier to quickly and effectively clean up oils from bathers and vandalism, as well as dead algae. When your pool needs to be rescued, there is no better solution than Rescue Klear.

Suntan oils and lotions can cause buildup on the waterline or in the filter media. Rescue Klear tackles the problem using enzymes to degrade oils, lotions and more. It also uses our highly effective clarifying technology to clear cloudy water and allow the filter to remove pollutants.

  • Weekly, dual action formula
  • Helps improve filter efficiency
  • Controls scum buildup on pool surface and filters
  • Perfect for cleanup after pool parties, weekly maintenance and spring start-ups



Shake well before use. Add Rescue Klear across the pool water surface at the recommended dosage. For the best dispersion, add product in front of the pool return lines.

ROUTINE MAINTENANCE: add Rescue Klear weekly at a rate of 2 oz per 10,000 gallons of pool water.

HIGHER BATHER LOADS: double or triple doses can be used.

EXTREME CLOUDY WATER CONDITIONS: use 32 oz for every 10,000 gallons of pool water.

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"Your Metal Klear and Rescue Klear seem to be working great. The brown staining that we have been fighting have just about disappeared around the inlets closest to the slides. We have battled this problem for several years and these are the first and only products that have done the job. We are extremely pleased with the results. Our pools have never been clearer."Iain Buchanan, General Manager, Birch Bay Waterslides

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