Chlorine Free Shock Oxidizer

Chlorine Free Shock Oxidizer is our leading oxidizer solution that keeps your water clear and odor-free. By eliminating organic contaminants, suntan oils and perspiration, your sanitizer will be active in killing germs, instead of creating odor causing, eye-stinging byproducts.

Quick facts:

Removes odors and chlorine smell

Works quickly—swimming can resume after just 15 minutes

Treats with active oxygen, not chlorine

45.2% potassium monopersulfate and 4.7% active oxygen

Chlorine Free Shock Oxidizer is made from pure MPS, which results in a superior and more cost-effective oxidizing performance.


    For lighter bather loads, use 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons of water every two weeks, or 2 oz. for each 500 gallons in hot tubs.

    For busier pools and hot tubs, use same amount weekly.

    • Remove the spa or hot tub cover before oxidising, and leave off for at least one hour after treatment is complete.
    • With the pump running, disperse Chlorine Free Shock Oxidizer into pool. For spas or hot tubs, add to water with jets on.
    • Wait at least 15 minutes before entering water. In pools of over 30,000 gal., wait at least an hour before entering water.
    • After each application, run your pump and filter system continuously for six to eight hours in pools, or for at least two hours in spas and hot tubs.

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