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The Science of Klear Water

SeaKlear got its start over 30 years ago by creating a product to solve a problem.

In the late 1970’s, nearly 8 million tons of waste from the processing of crustacean shell was being dumped annually into bays and landfills. The EPA deemed the shell waste a pollutant, and ordered seafood processors to find a better way to dispose of it. A team of scientists (including the co-founders of SeaKlear) solved the problem with the introduction of Chitosan Clarifier which is made from recycled shells.

In 1985, SeaKlear launched Chitosan Clarifier to the pool and spa industry. Chitosan Clarifier quickly became a top selling product. It quickly replaced traditional synthetic clarifiers for its ability to clear cloudy water without creating scum lines or clogging filters the way petroleum based products could. SeaKlear’s clarifier improves water clarity by clearing micron particles of dirt, oil and some trace metals effectively.

SeaKlear has also developed water treatment products, including a use for the U.S. Navy to help clear cloudy ocean water for photography and weapon recovery. Over the years, Chitosan Clarifier has been used to keep water crystal clear as studios filmed blockbuster movies such as Titanic, Pearl Harbor and Free Willy to name a few. The SeaKlear portfolio of products has expanded to include phosphate removal, maintenance products and other water care solutions.

In 2016, SeaKlear was acquired by NC Brands L.P. and joined a family of water care products designed to simplify the swimming experience.

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