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Solar Shield


SeaKlear Solar Shield creates an ultra-thin, invisible barrier that helps protect your pool from evaporation and heat loss.
  • Reduces Heat & Water Loss - Minimizes heat loss by forming a harmless, invisible barrier on the surface of water to reduce evaporation.
  • Family-friendly - A safe alternative to traditional covers, making this a family-friendly option for children and pets.
  • Long Lasting – Provides up to 30 days of protection per dose, while other liquid cover products recommend daily or weekly dosing.

SeaKlear and Solar Shield are trademarks of HaloSource, Inc. †lab simulation of pool conditions; *based on a 15,000 gal pool estimate; **dosed weekly; vs. Control (no treatment)

Directions for Use:

Shake bottle before using.

With the pump running, add 8 oz. per 15,000 gal of water. (For best dispersion, add Solar Shield in front of pool return line or to skimmer). Run the pump daily for proper circulation.

Available Sizes

  • Quarts
  • Gallons

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