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Natural Clarifier Turns 30

We are celebrating the 30th Birthday of our legendary SeaKlear Natural Clarifier, the product that set the standard for clariifying pool and hot tub water over the past 3 decades. 

Dr. Everett Nichols and Dr. Lee Johnson were part of the initial 1985 product launch of the company’s first, chitin-based Natural Clarifier product. Made from the chitin removed from crab and shrimp shells recycled from local Seattle canneries, the first bottle of Natural Clarifier was brought to the swimming pool market after discovering its incredible ability to bind organic matter so it can be easily filtered by the swimming pool filtration system.

The SeaKlear Natural Clarifier formula is continuously used in our other clarifying products, including 3-in-1 Free & Klear and the revolutionary SeaKlear Weekly Care pod product, a toss-n-go, water-soluble product designed to simplify water care treatment of pool and spa water. 

We kicked off the Birthday Celebration on World Water Day and will be hosting promotions and dealer events throughout 2015 to celebrate this monumental anniversary. 

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